Benefits of daily reading aloud to children

Benefits of daily reading aloud to children

Benefits of daily reading aloud to children

As the research and experience of reading families, kindergartens and schools confirm, daily reading aloud to children for pleasure:

1)    satisfies their essential emotional needs- for love, attention, stimulation etc.

2)    creates strong bonds between reading adults and children

3)    supports psychological development of a child

4)    raises self-esteem

5)    teaches language, builds up the vocabulary, enables fluency of speech

6)    prepares for independent reading and writing

7)    teaches independent thinking skills – logical, cause and effect and critical thinking

8)    fosters imagination

9)    improves concentration, brings calm

10)  exercises memory

11)  brings vast general knowledge

12)  facilitates learning and helps to achieve success at school

13)  teaches them values and recognizing the difference between good and evil, develops moral sensitivity

14)  develops sense of humor

15)  is a great pastime

16)  protects them from getting addicted to television or computers

17)  is a healthy escape from boredom, failure and problems

18)  protects them from the dangers of mass culture

19)  prevents antisocial behavior

20)  creates the lifelong habit of reading and searching for knowledge